pondělí 18. června 2012

The day in English

The weather was awfully hot today and I had to spend the evening in a class by learning English. But our teacher is maybe too gentle, because even after 2,5 hours I don´t have the feeling that I have learned something new. I´m ashamed - I used to be very honest student - but ....I decided (again...) to bunk off.

But I´m not lazy! :) (that´s crap, I am incredibly lazy) So that´s why I had an idea to write some events, thoughts or any stupidities I would have on the tip of my tonque in English :)
Please, apologize my grammar or words that won´t be appropriate. I will just try to practice my language skills (I hope I will be better some day). And if you want to join me, you are welcome :)

So, when I finished my job today, I met a very interesting women. She works on the same floor as me, but we had hardly exchanged greetings before. This was the first time we went by the same bus. Because we had already known each other by sight, we started talking. First she revealed that she had finished her law studies last year - during her job she had been attending a correspondence school for five years. She told me that it had been really very hard, because she hadn´t had any free time nor vacation during the whole five years. I believe her, because it must be very exhausting to work and to study together. Then she said that the reason, why she couldn´t attend a full time school, had been that her parents hadn´t wanted to give her any money. When she finished the school, she invited them to her graduation ceremony. They allegedly said that the ceremony was the only thing they were looking forward.
She kept on talking about her previous jobs - she worked even in a meat-packing plant. We had just got off the bus when she explained to me how she used to cut hoofs, pig´s ears...
And that was why she decided to study at university and now she has managed to have a law degree. I am really glad for it. I don´t know why, but the women is very symphatetic to me. Maybe because of the burdens she used to have and because her strength to fight with her adversity.